Tuesday, October 4, 2011

mis clases

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I am sorry for the delay, I'll try to post more frequently.
So, I started school.  I am still arranging my schedule around to find the more appropriate classes for me, as in classes that actual Spanish kids don't find difficult (I enrolled in a European history class and shortly found out it was one of the most difficult classes--for the Spanish student population!! So I swapped it for Spanish literature, where I am the only student so far in the class.  Good thing I like talking!)

I love my Religion of Islam class.  The teacher there is very helpful, (actually, all of my teachers are excellent!) he notices when I am not paying attention or when I begin to day dream and calls me out, "Mara!  Entiendes?" or... "Mara! Do you understand?"  It's great and very comforting.  We have to write current events, so if you find an article about Islam in the newspaper or magazine, let me know because I need one every Thursday!!

My other classes are Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.  Now, this was a hard decision.  Spanish 2 is the more advanced Spanish class and I was wondering what class I should choose.  I want to learn the language but I also would really like to understand the basics entirely.  So, with my very assertive decision making skills I chose..........both.  Yeah, I couldn't decide which one to take.  They are both entirely different!  In Spanish 1 we learn about the basic lifestyle and terms of a Spaniard and in Spanish 2 it's more about grammar.  However, Kalamazoo College told me that my spanish is too advanced to take Spanish 1 for credit so I am just auditing the class.

As previously stated, I am taking a literature class.  The professor said that we could write some poetry too!! So be ready to bust out your Spanish-English translator!

I am also taking a mandatory Art and Culture class.  We meet in the late afternoon.  Last time she brought her guitar to class and we sang some songs.  It was GREAT.  The whole class, well me mainly, was very enthused and singing at the top of their (my) lungs.  It reminded me of going to mass with my dad.  Victor, Hunter and I sat on one side of the congregation one Sunday to test out a theory of ours.  The theory passed-- we could hear our dad singing from the opposite side of the church.  But we also do more rigorous things, we have a lot of articles and passages to read about the history of Rome and of Arabia.  It's interesting but some times it gets a little lengthy.  It's hard to remember all of this information!

And last, I am taking GERMAN.  It is a lot of fun, there are three students in the class.  I wanted to take French but I promised my best friend back home, A-Rod, that I would take German.  And it seems to work out well for me because a lot of German words have an English root or vice versa.  And it is a harsher language, kind of like english (we have a lot of similar sounds), so it is easier for me to mimic the sounds of my professor whereas my Spanish classmates have a more difficult time.
And I also want to take German because in Spain, everyone thinks I am German.  So at times when I don't feel like talking with the person that approaches me asking, "Eres Alemana!?" ..."Are you German!?"  I respond, YA ICH HIESSA MARA, WIE GATES?!... which is the only german I know thanks to Arod.  And they never know German so they try to speak english and I respond, "NO SPRICKEN ZEE IEEENGLISH VERRY GUT! Sorry!" :D Got 'em.

Okay, I am supposed to go meet a friend at a bar.  I am going to go check on her whereabouts.  None of us have minutes in our phones so this should be fun.

Buenas (A shortened greeting or farewell),

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My house is off the corner of this street!

My host mom

Un parque

The K students main meeting place-- it's a post office.

Oh, just a typical street.


My host mom and me

Lola and me

Motorcycle parade

My goal (meta) is to ride on one of these.

The group

carline y yo

My sister for a day.  Her name is Manu and she had to leave to go back to Brazil.

Tito!  Coop should be jealous of his bed!

Zari and me, we are both staying for 9 months

A night out!  About to go to a club.

Ice cream holders. Great invention.

Matt- he is staying for 9 months too -- AND he is fluent.

family picnic, one dad said that i was the life of the house (in spanish of course!)

khaliah, me, sammie