Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My house is off the corner of this street!

My host mom

Un parque

The K students main meeting place-- it's a post office.

Oh, just a typical street.


My host mom and me

Lola and me

Motorcycle parade

My goal (meta) is to ride on one of these.

The group

carline y yo

My sister for a day.  Her name is Manu and she had to leave to go back to Brazil.

Tito!  Coop should be jealous of his bed!

Zari and me, we are both staying for 9 months

A night out!  About to go to a club.

Ice cream holders. Great invention.

Matt- he is staying for 9 months too -- AND he is fluent.

family picnic, one dad said that i was the life of the house (in spanish of course!)

khaliah, me, sammie