Friday, September 16, 2011


This is my first HOLA from España.  I am sitting on the bus right now typing a message to you guys in a Microsoft document so that I can contact all of my lovelies right away.  We had a safe and swift flight, there was a bit of turbulence but everything was okay.  We ended up flying over Canada for a bit which seems kind of odd because I flew from Detroit to Atlanta to fly back north?  Oh well, we ended up in SPAIN.

I am the only one awake right now, except I think Carline is up too.  Everyone else, I think there are ten more, are napping.  We are en route to meet our host familias, that is our next destination.   It appears that I have a host mother named Maria Dolores something something.  That is all I know about the house I will be staying at for the next nine months.  Holy cow! 

We went to a café/tapas bar/ restaurant about an hour ago to stop and get a drink and use the bathrooms.  I ordered jugo de naranja—orange juice.  The freshest organge juice I have ever had, straight from oranges.  Literally.  I saw them squeeze the oranges right in front of me. 

I already “befriended”  a Colombian professor of philosphy, the bus driver and the rest of my american friends.  Take that mom and bill!

I have to go,
It seems like we are slowing down! 
What an exciting feeling,


  1. "Maria Dolores something something" haha
    you're going to have a blast Mara!
    update us on your host family.

  2. i don't know why my AIM account says my name is 382947qaowedilsfhdflkhkjzdrsg but the above post was me haha

  3. glad to hear you are enjoying Spain. love your blog! aunt joan

  4. Remember You have only one fav Grammy. We just had dinner on this Sun afternoon. 90 degrees in the shade here. I'm thinking about having a peanut buster parfait for dinner. Sound good? Love you

  5. Hola Mara
    Hope all is well.
    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you...that's for sure!
    We are keeping busy.
    Chris seems to be enjoying kindergarten.
    Bryan seems to love his new teaching position.
    Ron is getting ready for retirement.
    I am loving favorite season.
    Te amo,
    Tu Tia...Loren